Friday, February 10, 2017

Sunspinners Book 1: 
Demonspell or, Curse of the Everlasting Relatives

5.0 out of 5 stars A Fun Read!
By Linda Wisdom

I think we all have relatives we don't want to think about moving in. But what if you had relatives that'd been around for hundreds of years and invisible to all unless they're shown in just the right light?

That's what Elaine Royal has. She's the latest Royal in charge of long ago relatives who took over the upstairs of her large family home. Due to a curse gone awry they're doomed to a strange immortal existence. And now someone is pushing to buy her home, she's met a guy who she'd love to get to know better although she's convinced he'll run for the hills the minute he finds out about her family. And there's that pesky murder and a psychotic realtor who broke her nose and wouldn't mind killing her...

Sunspinners Book 2:
Demonhold, or Blight of the Deadly Demons 

And now a second wave of demons hits, with even worse demands. Worse than dead? Yes, and Elaine's main defense is starry-eyed Charley, so what next?

Sunspinners Book 3: Demonprice or, Doom of the Penultimate Husband 

Elaine's second ex, Nathan, has sold 4/5ths of his soul to the devil and guess who he asks for help. Help! Charley and Elaine end up in the devil's vestibule with no way out.  

        Sunspinners Book 4: Demonfire or, Charm of the Killing Cousin

melindeeloo (sb,ca) - (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

Life has gotten just a little weirder for Elaine, which is saying a lot since she is the last in her family to have inherited the job of watching over a houseful of cursed immortals who turn invisible in bright light. Now someone is putting pressure to get Elaine out of her house and they will stop at nothing to see Elaine and her little crew gone.

I liked leading lady Elaine, who is just a normal person burdened with abnormal responsiblities, who steps up when a friend's life is on the line. And I really liked her 'cousin' Charlie, who was once her 'Uncle Charlie' and who will someday be her 'Nephew' and then her 'Grandson' as she   ages and he doesn't. . . .

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